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About the brand 92ga

  • tokyosuljip
  • 칠성식당
  • sc-cook
We do not simply want to live 'longer.'
We want to live a healthier and higher-quality life.
As a traditional pork belly restaurant, 92ga strives to offer proper food to customers, based on its emphasis on authenticity.

To 92ga, proper food means focusing on the basics.
Reliable high-quality meat that has delicious taste!
As an authentic pork belly restaurant, 92ga
constantly researches meat and
offers high-quality, delicious pork belly.
Authentic dining experience comes from understanding and enjoying healthy food.
Enjoy meat in a healthy and proper way!

92ga has enjoyed steady popularity for the last 10 years
it focused on the basics.

With its meat processing plant and logistics system,
the company has been offering fresh, high-quality meat at reasonable prices, satisfying both franchisees and customers.

Also, by researching and analyzing the common dish 'pork belly,
we develop new, trendy menus to attract the customers.

92ga will continue to focus on the basics and move forward.
So that you can enjoy healthy meat in a healthy and proper way!

92ga Interior

Dual cooking system

Dual cooking system based on
gas roaster and charcoal roaster so that
you can cook both meat and stew, and Fry Kimchi jjigae!

Meat processing/distribution center

The meat and other ingredients delivered to 92ga
stores around the country are
produced and delivered in a fast and hygienic manner.