CEO Greetings / Vision


CEO Greetings

Dear customers who support and love Gaup FC,
I am the CEO Bae Seung chan.
Gaup FC Co., Ltd. is a company
that was established through years of trial
error to create a franchise system for customers.

(주)With over 150% of annual growth rate, Gaup FC has created the top-level
infrastructure in the industry and, through constant development
and investment,
is continuously operating successful franchise.

Franchise business relies on a system in which the
franchisor and franchisees
cooperate for mutual benefit and offer good products
and services to the customers.

Thereefore, Gaup FC
will support the franchisees by
developing trendy menus and providing system
equipment in order to help you maximize the profit.


No. 1 franchise with love and
care for customers

Honesty . Reasonablness . Change