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Franchise info


Franchise info

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Why Pocha Again?

Success factors of Pocha Again to support your future success

  • 10 years of management experience

    Know-how and system developed
    through 10 years of running Midamgil, 92ga, etc.
  • Simple management system

    Based on the company's own logistics
    center, the cooking and delivery system is approachable to anyone
  • Proven sales and profits

    Discloses store sales
    and profit rate registered in POS
  • 34% profit rate

    Check our profit
    rate on your own.
  • First rainy street stall restaurant

    Pocha Again is the first
    indoor rainy theme restauran.
  • Popular throughout the year

    With the reasonable price and seasonal specials, our franchises generate steady profits throughout
    the year.

Franchise info


  • 01 Consultation

    Consultation for overall issues such
    as the market trend, capital size,
    profit analysis, and store strategy
  • 02 Store development

    After selecting multiple potential
    store locations, the optimal location will be selected based on comparison and analysis
  • 03 Contract

    Store & franchise contract
  • 04 Interior design & construction

    Interior design, kitchen, sign, heating & AC, tables and chairs, etc.
  • 05 Management training

    Continuous training and store management support via stable
    supply and supervisor
  • 06 Supply

    After overall inspection, the opening supervisor from the head office will assist in opening promotion and
    event organization
  • 07 Opening

    Products such as ingredients, drink, promotional materials will be supplied
  • 08 Continuous management

    Theoretical and practical on-site training for the staff through manual and store management training, etc.

rate of return's open

Sales of no-rights Anyang 1 store, 2nd floor

Item Cost Percentage per sales %

Ingredient cost

Ingredient, vegetables,
alcoholic beverage, drink



Selling and management costs

Miscellaneous costs






Estimated profit



Head office support

1. Helper System

After opening the store, if the kitchen staff is lacking, the head office will send a supervisor in order to provide re-training for the menu and
help resolve the staff issue and ensure consistent taste of Pocha Again foods.

2. Adviser group

We have an adviser group with experts in different fields to provide support for legal, accounting, labor, and loan issues when opening the franchise.

  • Law

    Advice for franchise law and legal dispute
  • Accounting & tax

    Advice from a tax accounting corporation
  • Labor

    Advice from a labor law organization
  • Finance & debt

    Interest-free loan for opening the franchise

Interior design and characteristics of Pocha Again

Pocha Again, which was launched by the franchise company Gaup FC with 10 years of experience was different from the beginning.
We had a series of late-night meetings to discuss what attract customers,
and materialized an innovative idea.

We made it rain in the indoor street stall

Placed asphalt on the floor

We added a street snack vendor indoor.

34% return rate!
Pocha Again's result was as different as its beginning.
The first Pocha Again store was opened in Anyang, instead of Seoul, and on the 2nd floor, instead of the ground floor, with no rights.

As Gaup FCdeveloped for 10 years based on proven data and experiences, we understand the importance of relationship between the head office and franchisees.

- Gaup FC -

"For successful business, enough'time'and'proof' is essential.”

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