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Franchise info


Franchise info

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Why 92ga? Q&A

What sets 92ga apart from other brands?
92ga is a brand you can trust as it has focused on one thing for 10 years.
To improve meat quality, the brand built its own logistics & meat processing plants.
We improved and standardized the meat quality to ensure consistency.
This allows us to respond to changing qualities and prices of meat in the market.

Also, based on our logistics & meat processing plants, we can launch new menus in a systematic way.
Through constant effort, 92ga also owns various patents related to menu and cooking system.

What's the opening cost for 92ga franchise?

The cookless system of 92ga enables semi-auto cooking of all menus.
The ingredients are supplied via one-pack system, which means you do not need a chef in the kitchen and only need two kitchen staff members.
Except for the fresh meat, all meats are seasoned & processed in one package.
This means you do not need to prepare the meat at your store.

In fact, many franchisees of 92ga used to be ordinary office workers or stay-at-home housewives,
and even those who have experience of running their own business find our system highly convenient and satisfactory.

How long does it take from signing the contract to opening the store?

After the contract is signed with the head office and the store, once the construction begins, it takes about 4 weeks until the store is ready to open.
During the construction period, with the supervisor from the head office, you will process the administrative requirements
such as business registration and prepare for opening the store, regarding staff training and supplier selection.

How is the training provided?

Training is provided 2 weeks before opening the store, after signing the contract, and divided into theoretical training about franchise, service, etc.
and practical training for store management. The basic training can be attended by 2 to 3 people, and is offered for 5 days. However, additional training is available as well.

How is the new menu developed?

92ga has a menu development department which was recognized by the government
The department takes charge of menu development and training. .
The head office conducts regular tren analysis based on the menu development and marketing departments
and launches 2 new menus every year, and also organizes online and offline marketing.

Will you help me select the store as well?

At the head office, a commercial district/store development expert who is a certified real estate agent is available.
According to your budget and desired location, we recommend stores based on rigorous commercial district analysis.

Opening the franchise

  • Franchise opening support
    Phone +82-1544-2292
    Ask a question on website

  • Interview
    Disclosure statement and brand info
    Consultation for the potential store location

  • Store confirmation
    Potential location based on commercial district analysis
    Commercial district analysis, store research, BEP analysis, etc.

  • Contract
    Franchise fee, security deposit
    license check before contract/ franchise contract

  • Exterior/interior construction
    Interior quotation/contract/construction

  • Head office training and rehearsal
    Management training, on-site training
    Opening support team from the head office/ on-site inspection

  • Opening and post-opening management
    Menu preparation, management training, cooking and management system
    and security Mutual effort with supervisor to improve sales

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